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Backwoods Singles Honey Cigars Pack Of 24


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Even if you don’t choose to eat either honey or sun-ripened berries, you will never forget the delicious taste. Backwoods Honey cigarillos offer you the chance to enjoy that experience with a blissful smoke. Each cigar is infused with Caribbean Basin Cuban seed. These cigarillos are bound by a homogenized, seamless tobacco leaf. They are wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf, which is a tobacco leaf that produces a consistent and even-burning smoke every time it’s ignited.

This product is dark brown in color, and has a smooth texture that makes it a satisfying and short-lasting smoke. These cigarillos come in a length of 4.5 inches and a ring gauge 32. They are mildly strong, but not overwhelming.

BACKWOODS CIGARS were first manufactured by ITG Brands USA. The brand currently ranks as the third-largest facility in the country for the production of tobacco products and features multiple varieties. Take a look at our large collection of  ALL BACKWOODS FLAVOURS

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