Inbar-Pods – Filling Liquid Bottle

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25 flavors, each flavor 2pcs,

  1. One bottle 50ml,15000 puffs/bottle
  2. Apple Peach
  3. Triple Mango
  4. Juicy peach
  5. Blueberry Raspberry
  6. Mr Blue
  7. Aloe Grape
  8. Lemon Lime
  9. Double Apple
  10. Strawberry snow ice
  11. Guava kiwi passion fruit
  12. Mango Pineapple Juice
  13. Grape ice
  14. Grape Blue Berry
  15. Watermelon Ice
  16. Strawberry kiwi
  17. Cool mint
  18. Double monster energy
  19. Pink Lemonade
  20. Raspberry Lemon
  21. Strawberry ice cream
  22. Cherry fizz
  23. Mango pineapple
  24. Mix berries

Apple Peach, Triple Mango, Juicy Peach, Blueberry Raspberry, Mr Blue, Aloe Grape, Lemon Lime, Double Apple, Strawberry Snow Ice, Guava Kiwi Passion Fruit, Mango Pipneapple Juice, Grape Juice, Grape Blueberry, Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Kiwi, Cool Mint, Double Monster Energy, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Lemon, Strawberry Ice Cream, Cherry Fizz, Mango Pineapple, Mix Berries


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